Eight Months— Sleep, sleep at last, etc…

Fiona has fallen into a pretty regular sleep routine which has us all feeling a little better.  She sleeps through the night most nights- about 8:30- 5:30am.  At 5:30, I usually rock her back to sleep and bring her into our bed until 7am.  Her first nap is at around 9:30 which usually lasts about an hour (AMAZING), another hour nap at 1or 2pm.  The evening nap is trickier- she is starting to give this one up- must to the dismay of Jeff.  He can still rock her to sleep at around 5pm for a ½ hour- hour nap.  She is a much happier camper at the dinner table when she has that nap!  Then, at 7pm, she goes upstairs with Jeff for her bath and playtime.  At about 7:45 or so, I take over and read books and put her down for the evening.  What a good girl!

Fi si getting her top two teeth in and one incisor on the top also!

She is still the Master of Disaster Screech Owl that we love dearly.(the screeches are mostly confined to mealtime now…  an improvement, I guess…)

June 25, 2012

Crawling, sitting up and teeth…

We clicked on the video on the monitor on Wednesday and guess what we saw— Our little girl sitting up in her crib!!  And in just a couple of days, she has gotten really good at pulling herself up to the sitting position.  When on her tummy, she rolls to her side and then pushes up with her arm.

Crawling, A work in progress—Today, she got herself up into a crawling position, rocked and then moved her arm once… Would you consider that one crawling step???  More details to follow.

Fi has five teeth now- two bottoms and three top, with the fourth top one coming soon.

hanging out with my friends Ava and Sadie

Father’s Day

Our evening out in Cambridge

Here’s what Fiona was doing while we were out in Cambridge! Loving having her Auntie Melly and Ty, Madds, and Hayl watch her…


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