Celebrating Six Months!


Fiona turned 6 months old and we celebrated by climbing our first mountain with her- just a small one as we attempted to try out the Kelty backpack carrier.  We decided to go to Mt. Watatic- it’s a short drive, a short hike, and a short mountain… At first, Fiona was very grumpy and we were worried that she didn’t like the pack.  After we traded back and forth three times, she fell asleep on Jeff’s back and we hiked the rest of the mountain.  Fi woke up when we hit the top and we spent a wonderful afternoon on the summit.  Then, she hung out on the way down and dozed off to sleep.  What a superstar!


sleeping her way to the top



4/16/12   Beach Bum in Training

And the next day, we headed to the beach for the first time with Fiona.  We went to Good Harbor Beach- it was 90 degrees on Marathon Monday- Jeff was off for April vacation.  The beach was packed and Kota was unhappy on leash— we headed down the beach where Fi could put her feet in the sand and laugh as her puppy ran around.  She seemed to enjoy the sand- she opened and closed her toes…  She didn’t enjoy the water because it is still waaaay too cold!  What a beautiful day!


4/19/12   Swing

We put up Fiona’s swing today and she loved it- she got right in and laughed and smiled as soon as she set off.  She spent about 20 minutes in the swing twice today- after her nap at 11am and then towards the end of the day at about 5pm.  Another beautiful day on Jeff’s vacation.

Later that evening, I felt Fiona’s first tooth coming in!  Lower left side- she is a bear when I try to get a look at it and about 100 photos later I finally get one of her new toof…



6 Month Check-up

Fiona is very healthy!

Height- 99%

Weight- 75%

Shots made Fiona very unhappy, she slept most of the afternoon before we spent some time outside on the lawn taking pictures and enjoying another day of gorgeous weather.

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