Baby Screech Owl

May 1. 2012   Baby Screech Owl

We call her our “Baby Screech Owl” and try to laugh about it… most of the time… She screeches when she is happy, mad, frustrated…It is a noise louder pitched than I have ever heard in my life.  Luckily, she is sooo cute…

May 15, 2012    Master of Disaster

If something is within her reach she grabs it, flips it back and forth between her hands and then promptly drops/throws it on the floor.  This applies to food, cups, toys… Fi also does not sit still- she is rolling in your arms, rolling on the bed in the evening, rolling across the room, squirming around CONSTANTLY until the moment she falls asleep- when she usually still has a piece of my hair or my shirt still firmly tucked in her grasp.  She loves to grab and hold onto my hair, strings on my shirt, Jeff’s ears, Kota’s tail… No one is safe from the wrath of the “Master of Disaster!”

I’m double-fisted and ready to throw both over the side of my highchair.

May 20, 2012  Another Toof

Fi now has both bottom teeth!

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