Fiona sits up!!  We had started practicing sitting up some time ago, but today was the first day that Fi was able to sit up all on her own.  I pulled out her workbench and she sat in front of it and tried to bang on the flashing, noisy screws.  She sat for a good 5-10 seconds before beginning to teeter- AMAZING!!

Poor Kota… Fi loves her doggy- she lunges at her back, grabs her ears, “pets” her violently, and drools all over her back.  None of it seems to phase Kota- she just lays there for a while- enjoying my scratches and gentle pats… then… finally Kota hops up and trots away somewhere safe!

 Fi now rolls, and rolls, and rolls right across the floor.  Most of the time she is doing it deliberately to get to a toy she wants.

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