Grabbing for Glory- January 22, 2012

We still get bundled up and try to take walks a couple times a week.  Fiona has enjoyed her transition into the Baby Bjorn and still falls asleep as I wander through the grocery store or climb hills at the orchard.

Blustery day at the orchard…

Sleeping through our walk on the Nashua River

Car rides have become relatively pleasant again after some rough times.  She enjoys the toys hanging from her car seat, but has yet to reach for them- the same goes for her toys hanging on her activity mat or dangled in front of her by one of us.  It seems that she longs to be a Jedi- trying with all her might to move toys with her mind.  She stares intently at something she enjoys as if these daunting looks will move the object closer to her.  This may come from the fact that when she looks up at the immobile fan, we turn it on and she delights in its every revolution.


And just when I thought it wasn’t going to happen for a while, she goes and surprises me.  A couple of days ago, Fiona began grabbing her soft, pink sheep toy and bringing it to her mouth.  She has also really found her hands and loves to shove her fist into her mouth.  Still spits out a pacifier, but loves that hand.  Fiona’s current favorite toys are the fan, stacker cups, and her mirror.  She also loves her little tiny dolls, and the pink sheep as a comfort toy.  I have also noticed that it seems more interested in books and is starting to look at the pictures while I read to her.

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