Fiona’s First Christmas

We woke up early, opened Fiona’s stocking, presents and enjoyed a relaxing morning.  We had coffee and muffins and took some family photos by the tree.  Early that morning, Fiona rolled over from her back to her belly while hanging out on the bathroom floor rug.  Since then, she has not really repeated her new trick on demand, we will see when she masters this new feat…




Then, Fiona took her first long car ride down to Old Lyme.  I sat in the back with her.  Amazingly, she slept almost the entire way.  We arrived- it was a wonderfully chaotic present extravaganza.  Fiona was a trooper in her fancy dress and enjoyed being passed around among her family.  We spent the night at Mimi and Grampy’s.  Fiona slept in the pack-n-play like a rock star.  This is when she first started skipping her midnight waking and feeding.

On the 26th, we headed over to Grandmere and Grandpere’s house.  Fiona spent most of the day in the arms of her Grandmere, while mom and dad, ate, opened presents, and took a walk with Cassidy, Candice, and Kota.

New years was a quiet night this year- no guests- just us and we fell asleep early…  too many late night feedings made us very boring this year.  Just nice to be together and have Jeff home for the whole week with us.

New Years Day walk

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