Starting at the beginning…November 15, 2011

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   Fiona is one month old today.  The time has just flown by in a blur of diapers, feedings, bottles, and visitors with food, gifts, and love.  Sometimes, we can’t believe how fast the month has passed.  Other times, a day, an hour, or a minute feel like an eternity.

Fi is the most amazing, beautiful thing to ever happen to us and we cherish every moment with her.  She is just perfect from her blonde eyelashes down to her big feet.

Life has not come without its challenges and adjustments.  Nobody truly understands sleep deprivation until they have a newborn…  Her powerful set of lungs often signal hunger, gas, or general discomfort from a wet diaper with ear piercing authority.

Each day brings new joys and constant thoughts of to how to make Fiona’s next day even better than the last.

 In my first month of life I have managed the following amazing feats:

  • Received compliments from the nurses in the hospital about my big feet and hearty set of lungs!
  • Grew 2 ¼ inches and gained2 pounds.
  • Stats at my one month check-up: 22 ¾ inches (95%), 9lbs. 13oz. (70%), head circumference 50%.
  • Found my hands on my first month birthday, got them into my mouth and most importantly, could keep them there
  • Hiked in the Orchard, Heald Pond, Keyes, Groton Town Forest and Harry Rich State Forest.  I even hiked in a sprinkling rain.  And unfortunately got bit by a tick = (
  • Skyped with Grandmere and Grandpere
  • Kicked around in my first bath!
  • Met my grandparents, cousins, aunts, and many friends.
  • Had fun playing on my “under the sea” activity mat with my best friend, the stuffed Orca Whale
  • Slept in my swing, bouncer, moses basket, on the couch, in the car, in my sling, in Mommy’s arms, on Daddy’s chest… well, you get the picture…
  • Watched my first snowfall, went without power for five days (although Grampy saved the day with a generator!) and had the water for my bath heated on the woodstove (camping this summer will be a cinch!)
  • Shed a tear or two
  • Slept on my older sister, Kota and let her lick my toes…
  • Listened to Daddy play guitar
  • Celebrated my first Halloween with pumpkin carving, popcorn, candy, a fancy pumpkin outfit from Auntie Melly, and watched Army of Darkness
  • Walked my doggy
  • Ate, and ate, and ate…  (and watched Mommy and Daddy eat many delicious meals prepared by Mimi, Melly, Grandmere and Grandpere, and Em and John)
  • Followed Mommy and Daddy with my gaze
  • Was sent to “baby jail” (swaddling) on several occasions
  • Wore hand-me-downs from my cousins Maddie and Hayley
  • Kept Mommy and Daddy up some nights… ALL night…
  • Watched my first Saturday morning cartoons with my parents
  • Curled up on the couch or in bed with my little family
  • Captured the hearts and love of all I met.

Fi at 2 weeks

One thought on “Starting at the beginning…November 15, 2011

  1. What a wonderful memory post–Fiona will love reading all about how she came into our lives and stole all our hearts…love & hugs Grand’mere and Grand-pere

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