Another month passes December 15, 2011

I was busy this month!

  • I love being read to- especially nursery rhymes
  • Listened to Mozart on vinyl
  • Started tummy time
  • got my first shots 😦

you can see the boo-boo on my leg where I got my shots…

  • Love rides around the block in my stroller with Kota
  • I met Lisa, Chris, and Shane
  • Watched my first Thanksgiving dinner
  • Waved to Daddy
  • Watched football in the bath
  • Wore my first fancy dress for Christmas pictures
  • Picked out and decorated a Christmas tree with Mom and Dad.
  • Went to lunch at Hollis Country Kitchen
  • Visited the Children’s Museum in Acton with Liz, Sadie, and Ava

doing laundry

Children’s Museum with Ava and Sadie

decorating the Christmas tree

taking a bath and watching football with Daddy

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