A Day in the Life… January 30, 2012

I decided to write this down after I couldn’t figure out what I did or how the day had gone by so fast yesterday…  As I write this at 10:00am, we’re still both in our pajamas… go figure…

4:30—- Wakeup Call:  I wake up in my crib in MY OWM ROOM.  I am such a big girl!  I’ve been up one other time last night, but now I am fussy and ready to eat again.  Mommy comes in changes me, feeds me and we go back to mom and dad’s BED!  All cozy between mommy and daddy, I fall back to sleep.  Really, mommy has tried to put me back in my crib, but it never works…

5:30- Daddy kisses us goodbye as he heads out to work.  I grunt and make a little noise, but too tired to wake fully.

7:00- Now, I am ready for my day.  Mommy unwraps my swaddle and I take the biggest monster stretch.   I take one look at mommy and let out a huge happy screech.  Giggles soon turn to agitation as I am wet and hungry, but I’m happy as soon as we get to my changing table.  We take this opportunity to play a bit with my teddy (that daddy bought me when I was born) and Piggily Wiggily (a soft rattle that Liz handed down to us).  Once I’m in a “better mood,” it’s time for a work out.   I strengthen my neck muscles with some tummy time in my room and feed my brain with books.  My current favorites are Doggies, Blue Hat, Green Hat and any bright animal books.


8:00- Breakfast:   Time for mommy and Kota to eat. I hang out in my bouncer on the counter while mom sings to me and makes faces at me.  It’s early and I love the morning, so everything makes me laugh.  I babble on about my dreams last night and what we are going to do today.  I watch mommy eat and we talk as she writes a grocery list, sends an email/text or pays bills.  We also hang out on the steps and watch Kota go outside.

8:30- I’m tired again already.   Back into a swaddle , eat and then slide gently into my crib, fast asleep.

Mommy barely has time to start a fire, clean up breakfast, or possibly check email before I’m awake again.

9:15- Spa time:  I get dressed and enjoy a sauna treatment while mommy showers.  I like to hang in my upstairs-bouncer  with Ba LaLa (my pinks soft sheep toy) and a few hand toys.  Really, I just love to push my Ba LaLa in and out of my mouth repeatedly and giggle…  I love that toy…

10:00– Playtime again:  This time, we play on the floor in the family room while listening to music.  I like to play with my Mozart cube- banging my fist on the side to start the music, gaze into the mirror and look at that cute baby who loves to come and play, stare at the fan, knock my cups over, etc…  We also may read a few books if I’m in the mood…

I also help mommy with chores… I provide the entertainment in my bouncer while mommy unloads the dishwasher, cleans up, or starts something for dinner.  We also may talk to Mimi or Melly or text Grampy.  I’m a social butterfly.

11:00- Naptime again… Same routine as 8:30… Down I go…

Sometimes, I seep 30 minutes, sometimes an hour, I have even been known to sleep for an hour and a half.  Once, only once, I slept for two and half hours, WOW!!

12:00- Up and out:  Time to run errands with Mommy and Kota.  Sometimes we go to Nashua, get groceries, or make other stops.  We always try to end with a walk in the orchard for our puppy, Kota.  Most times, I get a short nap in while Mommy walks around the orchard.  I love to be tucked in to my sling or Baby Bjorn, all toasty warm.

2:30- Daddy:  Daddy’s home!  I greet him mostly with smiles, but sometimes I am cranky because I’m hungry and tired.  I eat, I nap…  I play with Daddy.

3:30- Playtime with Daddy:  Mommy has to tutor so I hang with Daddy for a few hours.  I love when daddy lays me on the couch and makes funny faces, sings to me, plays guitar, or rocks me to sleep in my bouncer.

5:30- Dinner time:  I watch Mom and Dad make and eat dinner.  I hang out and laugh, screech, and play with Ba Ba Bear (a soft pink toy- just like Ba La La, but the bear stays downstairs…).  I am too cute!

6:00- I’m getting tired:  I start to get a little grumpy some nights as I’m getting tired and ready for bed.  Mom and Dad do their best to occupy my brain- I teeter on the edge of laughter and total breakdown.  I like to lay on the floor and sit on mommy’s belly.  I sit up holding mommy’s hands, take “airplane rides,” and rock in the rocking chair while watching the fire.

7:00- Bath Time:  Daddy plays with me on my changing table and then into the bath.  I love splashing around in the bath with Oscar (the Octopus), and Phil (the Fish, obviously).  I kick my feet, laugh, and try to slide into the “deep end.”

7:30- Day is done: Books with mommy, my last meal, and off to sleep after a long day…  I need my energy to do it all over again tomorrow…


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