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Baby Screech Owl

May 1. 2012   Baby Screech Owl We call her our “Baby Screech Owl” and try to laugh about it… most of the time… She screeches when she is happy, mad, frustrated…It is a noise louder pitched than I have ever heard in my life.  Luckily, she is sooo cute… May 15, 2012    Master of … Continue reading

Celebrating Six Months!

4/15/12 Fiona turned 6 months old and we celebrated by climbing our first mountain with her- just a small one as we attempted to try out the Kelty backpack carrier.  We decided to go to Mt. Watatic- it’s a short drive, a short hike, and a short mountain… At first, Fiona was very grumpy and … Continue reading

4/15/12 Six Month Update

4/15/12 Fiona is very deliberate in her play lately.  She grabs toys with both hands, brings them to her mouth, chews, drools, etc…  She rolls towards toys and grabs them with the opposite hand across her body.  She also grabs toys with her right hand and bends her wrist back and forth like she is … Continue reading


4/2/12 Fiona sits up!!  We had started practicing sitting up some time ago, but today was the first day that Fi was able to sit up all on her own.  I pulled out her workbench and she sat in front of it and tried to bang on the flashing, noisy screws.  She sat for a … Continue reading

Finding her feet… and kota…

Finding her feet… and kota…

March 11. 2012  

Fiona now pulls her feet up into her mouth with relative ease.  Her own built in playmates.  The other playmate she has recently discovered is the dog.  Fi squeals with delight and reaches for her puppy.  It first happened when we were sitting in Fi’s room.  Kota walked in and came over for her usual morning scratch.  Fi took one look at her like it was the first time she had ever seen her… Squeals and lunging towards the dog…  Poor Kota, is in some trouble now…

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February 25, 2012 Fiona swam for the first time today on Dad’s birthday!  She was a little unsure at first, but then seemed to really enjoy it- we spend almost an hour in the water- Fi kicked her feet, bobbed around and watched all the people.  Then we headed to breakfast at Hollis Country Kitchen.  … Continue reading

Four Month Check-Up

February 15, 2012— Fi has just started rolling from back to front— she has done it just a few isolated times.  We are waiting for her to really take off.  Fi had started solids- cereal and some fruit, but after talking to the doctor, we stop solids for a time while we figure out Fiona’s … Continue reading